What is Beard Oil, and How does it Work?

The current generation says that bearded men are the new head turners. If cleanly shaved faces were the attractive ones a decade ago, bearded faces are a new charm. However, this does not apply to everyone now as some men find it difficult to grow and maintain the beard.

Although there are several reasons why many people fail to get the enviable look on his face, one of the most common facts is that some men don’t have a great beard pattern on the face or just irregular growth.

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If you have a lot of hair on your body (and so does everyone in your family) and still not getting the consistent beard all over the face means you have not got them to grow on their full potential. You will need something that can provide the necessary nutrients that it needs to get the growth right.

This is where beard oil comes into the picture. They pass on the necessary nutrients and essential oils that activate the hair follicles.


Just like any other skin care or grooming products, beard oil is a formulation of every little thing, that is good for the facial hair, together and combining them to make a potion that works wonders. The end up being that one main product that a bearded man would definitely need to maintain, nourish and hydrate the facial locks.

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Beard oils do not only help in supplying the necessary nutrients to the hair but also to the skin beneath. It moisturizes the skin beneath to offer double benefits.

It makes sure that the skin under the hair to be less of flaky and dusty and dry.

Some of the best, naturally-made beard oil have essential ingredients like Almond, Thyme, Argan, Geranium, Lavender, and Cedarwood. These products are best known for their nutritional properties for the hair and skin alike.

These nutrients keep the hair moisturized all day long. You might notice after you have grown your beard to a certain length, the skin beneath becomes way too dry, way too quick. And this dryness triggers flakes floating on the surface of the beard. To tame this beard problem, you would just need a little beard oil, that’s it.


Once you have grown the full-sized beard, you will notice that dry hair and flaky skin are not the only problems you will face. Split ends, frizzy hair and hair fall (beard-fall, actually) also become a part and parcel. These are mostly caused by environmental factors like air pollution, too much exposure to the sun and harsh climate.

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Luckily, a naturally-formulated beard oil will get your back in these problems. They act as the ultimate savior to these problems leave behind a trail of polished and nourished hair.


An ideal beard oil will have some necessary elements that are beneficial. Some of the essential elements to look out for are Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Juniper Berry, Cloves, etc.

Even if you find a product that has just a few of them and not many inorganic and chemical ingredients, they would work well.


You are sure to notice one thing if you have got into the groove of flaunting the beardy look. Deep beneath, among the hair follicles of relatively thicker hair strands, you will have a few acne and pimple hotspot, small areas on your cheeks and chin that are prone to these skin problems.

But don’t you worry man, a good beard oil will get your back.

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Which beard oil do you prefer the most?

Lemme know in the comments below.

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Kundan Kumar

July 3, 2018

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