How to Brainstorm Blog Post Ideas that Actually Work?

Do you want people to get inspired by articles you write? Then you need to stay focused on amazing Blog Post Ideas & in-depth articles. How to do it? How to Brainstorm ideas for the content that actually works?

And for the above to work, you have to keep your blog content original, different, well written with a new perspective, & problem-solving for your readers. Your Content has to be something which is well presented, but first, every single topic has to be well brainstormed.

How can you do that? How to find the Blog Post Ideas?

Here are a few ways we can do it:

8 Ways to Brainstorm Ideas for Your Blog Content

Research about your Main Topic

Let’s say You have your main niche “Architecture” on which you need ideas for Blog Topics. The first step here is to Research your main topic thoroughly so that you have an understanding of your topic well.

Sub-Categorise your Main Topic

Now, the topic Beauty itself has many categories like Commercial Architecture, Residential Architecture and much such. So research well & decide on what categories would you like to work upon. Is it the one topic only or a combination of a few?

Like in my case I picked up the Modern Homes (Exterior and Interiors) as One of my category of Blogs instead of whole the Commercial & Residential Architecture topic. Also, you can expand the categories later on anytime if you feel like.

List down Relevant Topics under Sub-Categories

Create a list of every possible relevant term or topic that comes up in your mind for a particular sub-category. Don’t judge your ideas at the same time & just write down whatever idea comes up.

Jot them down so you can evaluate them later on. Sometimes, the idea we consider in the last for a particular Blog post replaces the top ideas when writing any other Blog Posts.

Blog Post Idea Brainstorming Sessions

Schedule a brainstorming week or a few days for Blog Post Ideas only. A Brainstorming session once every month or two is required to keep a list of content ideas so you don’t get stuck with NO-POST days for a long time. Because it will affect your blog audience in a negative way by not posting on scheduled time or day.

Jot down ideas on the go

No matter where you are at a particular moment, keep a little notepad handy. Jot down every single idea that comes up in your mind on the go like while traveling, in a coffee shop or like anywhere. You can also store it temporarily on your Phone as well, but a notepad is the best option always.

I always keep storing my ideas in my iPhone’s memo while I am working out or walking. It keeps my mind free for new ideas to come up instead of holding onto the same ideas.

Know what your Readers want to Read about

Look out for potential article topics that interest your readers. Do Q & A’s (Question & Answer series) every once a month as it provides you with topics that your readers want to read about.

Approach topics from a new perspective. Your perspective represents your style & way of doing things. Readers connect with the originality which is brought by own style & perspective.

Be a Problem Solver for your Readers

Ask yourself if your articles are problem-solving for your readers? Your reader’s satisfaction matters the most. Write keeping in mind the reader’s point of view. Know who your readers are? What are they looking for?

Keep a Journal for Blog Post Ideas only

Keep a journal for Blog content ideas and topics only. It will help you not wasting your time. Keep the ideas written & well kept as you may need them anytime in the future.

I hope you found these Blog Content Tips helpful. Do you have your tips to share? I would love to read yours 🙂

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Shivali Singla

February 11, 2017

19 responses to “How to Brainstorm Blog Post Ideas that Actually Work?”

  1. I was approached by some recent Indian vegan brands to write blogs for them…this is really helpful n will serve my purpose…qell written shivali

  2. Even I want to become blogger like you. I really aspire your work , the way u write motivates me to write articles which are totally different. I find a new interest in this field.

  3. Not my kind of but this article helps other a lot sharing this to my daughter who is content writer in MNC, n she finds this so helpful…thanks for sharing dear

  4. Not my kind of, but this article helps other a lot sharing this to my daughter who is content writer in MNC, n she finds this so helpful.thanks for sharing such interesting post

  5. Awesome post!thanks for sharing such informative and useful is really such an amazing. the points you have shared here there really educative.

  6. Awesome post!thanks for sharing such informative and useful is really such an amazing.the points you have shared here there really educative.

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