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Is your Design Concept strong enough?

Hi, Everyone! 🙂 I hope you are doing well! In the previous article, we discussed that why one needs to hire an Architect | Home Designer | Professional. Now, once you make a decision that you need to hire an Architect | Home Designer, what next? Is your Design Concept strong enough? What do I mean by design Concept? Let’s discuss that!

The Need of Strong Design Concept

You will have to let the Designer know what type of home you want to get designed or what type of interior designing Work you are looking for your bedroom/living room etc. or just to ask them about the various possible options. So basically we need an abstract idea here which we call a basic Concept. Let’s take the example of a DRAWING ROOM for more clarification.

So you have decided to get your Drawing Room re-designed or to get its interior designing done.

Do you have an idea of what kind of designing are you looking for?

Do you want it to look a little artistic with lots of book shelves, wall paintings etc. or formal with minimal decor but more classic furnishings or something else?

Is your Design Concept strong enough?
IMPORTANCE & ROLE OF CONCEPT in Architecture & Designing
Is your Design Concept strong enough?
IMPORTANCE & ROLE OF CONCEPT in Architecture & Designing

Do you want the windows to be designed in a way so it lets in a lot of sunlight?

Do you want your space to speak of your beliefs, philosophy or lifestyle?

So here, Concept plays a very important part of design process whether it’s a home design or any other thing. Every type of designing process requires a basic Concept.

Sometimes you know how you want your room or your house to look or feel like & sometimes you don’t. Don’t worry 🙂 The Designer your hired is there to help you out of this by knowing about your lifestyle or beliefs etc.

She is there to ask about the basic requirements you have in your mind, the type of spaces you like to stay in. We all have certain likes or dislikes & what we need to do here is to implement those in the Basic Concept of the design for it to speak about your personality & Lifestyle.

I hope the article “Is your Design Concept strong enough?” has been helpful. I shall be back with more articles on different & interesting topics. Stay tuned! 😀

Shivali Singla

January 29, 2017

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