Father’s Day Gifts That’ll Rock Your Dad’s World

Ditch that set of pens. Forget the belt. Burn the tie. Forget run-of-the-mill this Father’s Day and step up the game for father’s day gifts . The man has given up many a night with his boys to spend em’ with your snotty little self. He’s given up on his dream set of wheels so you could have something or do something better.

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It’s only fair then that you put in some serious thought while picking up Father’s Day gifts. Figure out what he likes doing or would like doing and then pick up something relevant. Maybe pick a place he’d like to hit up, and buy him the tickets.

We’ve one better. It’s the sort of idea that stands out like a big bad off-roader amongst a car park of shiny sedans. It’s relief from the jaded commercialization that’s easy to participate in, but fails to leave a mark.

fathers day gifts

Gift him a bit of his youth. It’s our assumption that most of you who are reading this are between 18 and 45. With the majority, your dad would’ve been born between 1945 and 1975. So that is being born in one of the decades between the 40s and 70s.

We’re looking for Father’s Day gifts in India, so we’ve to keep our culture in mind, where a guy would really be able to enjoy independence in his 20s. So the decades that really matter to us are, 60s, 70s, 80s & early 90s. Guess you have the drift by now. We’re going to suggest Father’s Day gifts that are relevant to each of these decades. Pick one that’s the right fit for you, and see pops bust a childlike smile this Father’s Day.

For fathers born in the 40s

You know what was popular in the 60s? Lava lamps.

You know what was MAD popular in the 60s? The Beatles.

You know what would be total groovy? Getting them together as one.

Now we weren’t able to figure a Beatle that’d glow like a lava lamp (though you have to believe us, they did at one point in time). But we were able to figure out a lava lamp that is covered in The Beatles iconography and the colours of an psychedelic trip.

Your mum’s gonna hate this one (something about the decor), but our bets are that your dad will love it.

Here’s the king of Father’s Day Gifts for a 40s dad – The Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club lava lamp.

For fathers born in the 50s

Air travel sucks now. We’re not talking about cramped seats, jail food and red-eyes. We’re talking about how cool it used to be. From full in-flight service to crew that actually did treat you like royalty (and not have you dragged out while getting kicked in the kidneys).

The epitome of cool in the golden era of flying was the Concorde. A jet that would fly and more than twice the speed of sound and looked mean enough to give a few of today’s fighter jets a complex. It was all the rage. Flying on the Concorde meant you had ARRIVED in life. It was an icon and remains so.

We’re not sure that your dad was able to get on one, but you can make sure you gift him a part of the super-elite experience. One of the things you can pick up are Concorde cuff-links. We’re sure the man will be super excited to wear them on the very first occasion he can, and put up a not-so-subtle show.

For fathers born in the 60s

We have our PC master race and console wars. Our gaming lives are about FPSs, liquid cooled components and high-performance controllers. You know what the 80s had? Nintendo and Atari. Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was the coolest you could get, and those who couldn’t afford one either went to video game parlours or rented the machines for a day.

They were glorious!

Now the NES might not be either relevant, or available now, but you can definitely gift a rush of related nostalgia to your father. Of Father’s Day gifts for your dad this year, an NES related gift would be awesome. Maybe this controller T-shirt? Honestly, there’s a lot to pick from here. So take your time.

For ALL fathers

We’ve curated highly relevant gift sets from our grooming range that’ll work really well as Father’s Day gifts online. You can go with suggested combos, pick by price point, function or from the best selling products on our store. So you can add these to your gift above, to throw in the usability bit (we all know guys LOVE stuff they can use regularly), or if you like none of those ideas, you can go just with one of the combos.

They’ve never failed to delight!

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I hope this article “Father’s Day Gifts That’ll Rock Your Dad’s World” has been helpful.

What are you going to gift your father?

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