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4 Ways your Face gets Bacteria the Most | Skin Problems

How do Bacteria get on your Face the most? | Skin Problems

Do you experience breakouts or other skin problems often? You might be having acne prone skin which could be sensitive as well, and you might have combination skin type. The main reason for the acne or skin infection is the Bacteria build up which leads to either acne or other skin infections.

Bacteria play an important role in the formation of acne in your face. Bacteria can be present on your face at any time and grows and multiply, causing infection and inflammation. There might be many reasons for bacteria to be present on your skin. But the main 4 reasons are listed below:

Your Pillow cases & Bed sheets | Skin problems

A pillow case or bed sheet might look clean but actually collects a lot of dirt, dust, oil that you can’t even see. And that allows them to act as breeding grounds for nasty bacteria. Like other things that transfer dirt and oil to your skin, dirty pillow cases and bed sheets can be the cause of your skin problem or acne.

Pillows and Bed sheets

A build-up of dirt and oil and hence, bacteria from the environment is transferred from the pillow or bed sheets to your skin causing skin issues. What so ever the material of your pillow case or bed sheets, if they are not changed regularly, then it can have more bacteria in the form of dirt and sweat.

Your Cell Phone | Skin problems

Cell phones are also a big reason for skin infection especially acne as are pillow cases or dirty bed sheets or hands. From your hands to tables to like everywhere you put your phone attracts bacteria. That bacteria gets transferred to your skin/face while calling or so. Hence, cause skin problems/acne etc. depending upon the other factors that combine to it.

cell phone

That bacteria gets transferred to your skin/face while calling or so. Hence, cause skin allergies/acne etc. depending upon the other factors that combine to it.

Your Hands | Skin problems

There are so many times a day you touch your face. Right? You hold your phone with your hands that have got bacteria on it and does so many tasks which cause your hands dirty or sweaty. While you touch your face that bacteria is transferred to your skin causing acne or infections.


By trying to keep your hand’s clean and carrying a sanitizer can help especially if you have acne prone skin.

Your Hair | Skin problems

A build-up of dirt and oil from the environment as well as your hair touching the pillow or other things like your phone is transferred back to your skin causing acne or skin problems. You might have an oily scalp which transfers the oil, sweat onto the pillow case or bed sheet and hence, your face.


If you have an oily scalp, Wash your hair twice or thrice a week at least to reduce the chances of facial acne or other skin problems.

I hope this post “4 Ways your Face gets Bacteria the Most | Skin Problems” has been helpful 🙂

Do you have SKIN PROBLEMS?

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Shivali Singla

July 20, 2017

11 responses to “4 Ways your Face gets Bacteria the Most | Skin Problems”

  1. very informative post. we care about personal hygiene but ignore the things which are in frequent contact with our face.

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